Learn, Analyse and Invest in Masternode and Staking Coins

What you get

Expert Knowledge

Learn the technology behind Masternodes. Setup, run and maintain Masternodes and proof of stake wallets.

Masternode and Staking Rewards

Optimized settings to run a wallet for staking or a Masternode and earn maximum rewards.

Tips and Tricks

Many helpful hints and tricks to improve your return on invest as well as scam warnings to not get scammed.


Get deep understanding in technical and fundamental analysis. Analyse Whitepapers, Blockexplorers, Orderbooks and many more.

your own Masternode fund

Build up your passive income with your own Masternode Fund.

Future Aspects

Sneak peek of future development in the Masternode market and ideas for future investment opportunities.

Table of content

- Introduction

Introduction into the first Masternode Dash, Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, privacy Masternodes and many more.

- Analysing Masternodes

Analysing projects, coin structure, consensus and rewards, Blockchain explorers, exchanges, markets and many more.

- Investing

Beginner mistakes, risk analysis, return on invest, investment strategies.

- Setup a Wallet

Installing and backup a Wallet. Get familiar with the interface and different functions of a Wallet.

- Setup a Wallet for staking

Understand and set up a Wallet for staking and optimize staking rewards.

- Setup a Wallet to run a masternode

Cold and hot Wallet setup to run a Masternode and optimizing Masternode rewards.

- Maintain Wallets

Backup, restore, repair and update Wallets. Maintaining payments and vote with masternodes.

- Masternode services

Masternode hosting services, Masternode deploy platforms and shared Masternode services.

- Future of Masternodes

Future aspects and developments in the Masternode area.

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